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French tutoring

Please find contact information for French tutors below (in alphabetical order):

  • Colette Carr


              Limited availability - mainly daytime - starting in October 2023

  • Janelle E. LaPlante


              “Janelle has over ten years’ experience tutoring people of all ages, from 10 months old to folks aiming to retire in France. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in French. Janelle is available in person or via telework mechanisms.”

  • Jessica Steele


  • Marine Vanlandeghem Gillespie


              Based in Fairbanks, Alaska - possibility to give tutor via Zoom,  "I have had the pleasure of giving French lessons for years, in France and here in Alaska. I have worked with adults, students (undergraduate and graduate), and children. My goal is to share my language and my culture with someone interested in learning it. I love teaching in a fun and educational way, I have a lot of resources to help you out and it's definitely easier to learn with a native speaker.  I want you to know something very important: in my class, there is no judgment and no pressure, it's all about learning while having fun, loving the language and improving your skills. I will be available to follow you all and adjust to your progress."

  • Joëlle-Audrey Zollen


             "28 years general practitioner, Cameroonian we have two national languages French and English. I studied in French and have a solid foundation in English. I teach French courses for all levels regardless of age (children and adults) according to your objectives. Newly installed in Anchorage, I am available for your needs." 

Disclaimer: French Language Advocates Anchorage does not endorse these french speakers offering tutor services nor their viewpoints or teaching methods. It is the family discretion to interview and hire the best fit for their family.

Free Resources in French

- With your free library card, access over 100 magazines in French (from different francophone countries), including magazines for kids, through the Libby app


- The Project Gutenberg has for mission to create and distribute eBooks, and they have so many in French (and other languages)

- Litterature offers free audiobooks of classic French literature "pour rendre accessibles à tous les joies de la littérature"

 - Practice French for free with SLED the statewide library electronic doorway

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